Generosity & Giving

Yesterday we received and anonymous card in the mail, I looked for a return address but it was blank? Interesting I thought must be a Christmas card…Inside was a nice card on the front it said, “Praying for you”. Inside was a note,”Merry Christmas, we love you guys! Praying for you in this time of transition.” And in it was a very nice gift card to a local store, I was touched by my anonymous friends generosity. I know times are tough for everybody, this was a small miracle because, “this time of transition” means during your unemployment…so as you can guess money has been scarce, even this month we were praying for the mortgage money to come.

God is faithful and it did come, just not always at once. I have faith that God provides and this little gift proved that God cares about our every need. This is the true “Spirit of Christmas” and generosity can happen and should happen, especially this time of year when people are stressed and worried about finances.

So thank you my anonymous friends for your gift, more than that thanks for restoring my faith in God, Christmas and people….


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