Dealing With Being Unemployed – Part2

So today I decided to look through the on-line want ads again…the worst site to look for a job has got to be Craigslist! I’m sick and tired of all the lame employment ads that DON’T list who they are! What are they secret government classified jobs??? What’s the deal employers why are you afraid to list who you are? You require that we (job seekers) divulge our life’s story to you, all of our employment history, address phone number etc., yet you can’t tell us where we are applying and for whom?

I know that some of these are just scammers and spammers, that is why recently on a few posts I specifically asked the anonymous employers to give me some more information about their company before I give them my information, and guess what- NONE of them responded to my very polite request! So I say screw-em, if they can’t give me some more info then I will certainly not give them my info! A note here-I know there are good legit companies advertising on Craigslist and this rant is not for them, but job seekers be wary of these nondescript job listings they could be scams and data miners.

And watch-out for those looking for FREE labor, they list looking for INTERNs/STARTUPS which basically means they want to screw you for FREE with a faint promise or hope of a future job opening? Be very careful, I got screwed in one of those too, although I went into it with full knowledge that it probably would’t turn out. Never again – if they think your time is not worth paying for then they are not worth working for!

Good luck Job-seekers!

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