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Work for free?

handoutWhy is it that I always attract the projects that want me to work for free??? They always come in sincere and dedicated packages. “This thing or that business is going to take off.” “It’s the NEXT big thing!” That’s usually the “gist” of it. They have great ideas and NO money, almost always there’s a promise of a big payoff. Unfortunately promises don’t feed the kids or pay my mortgage.

I understand the problem, I have been there several times myself, lot’s of neat ideas that didn’t make it due to lack of money. Let’s see there was; my church media company, a bike shop, a skateboard shop, a tshirt business, mlm’s, full time design business, medical website, magazines, coupon books you name it, I’ve tried and learned the hard way that it “always takes money, to make money!” Great ideas, good intentions, partnerships etc., never make it without cash. So sorry to all you budding entrepreneurs out there, you need FUNDING! If you have some money to live off of while you pursue your “dream”, go for it, build it make it marketable so you can make money from your dream idea. But please don’t ask people along for the ride unless you have something tangible to offer them. And if they do help you please reward them for all the hardwork, let them know how much you appreciate them, and recognize that most great ideas need other peoples help to see to fruition.

Being Unemployed – Part 4

Glad that’s over! (Thanksgiving)

Glad that’s over, Thanksgiving that is…I survived another holiday but not without stress and strife. The meal of course was delicious with all the trimmings, the wine was good too! But there are certain family members who don’t know how to get along with each other, then little things escalate into to big things that the parents now have to deal with. Sad really but part of growing up, kids need a talking to, feelings are hurt etc.

Now I’m bracing for Christmas! My goal is to focus on the true meaning and message of Christmas this year. Focusing on the incredible gift God gave us 2000 years ago. Trying not to get caught up in the material madness that happens and not stressing about the family get togethers. Slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, put the lights on the house already. But of course one string won’t light up…been up on the roof changing those teeny fuses to no avail. Today will pull the whole section down to see if it is just one stupid bulb that has burnt out???? HOHOHO.