Back in the Saddle again!

I would like to thank some friends for inspiring me to ride again, one is Ken. He started riding not too long ago but popped up on my Strava feed, I watched as he rode short rides working up to longer rides and then commuting to work by bike! Way to go Ken. Next there is my old friend Jeff, him and I rode Mt. Bikes together years ago, he dropped out of it as did I, then he got a road bike and popped up on my Strava feed! He has been pretty consistent and has increased his miles. Now I’m logging my rides on Strava and they are cheering me on! I find this little bit of encouragement what I need to make me want to ride even more. That being said, I do self motivate myself too, I make the decision to get up by 5:30am and on the bike by 6:00am every other day. I can feel myself getting stronger, recuperating faster and my average speed is increasing. Watching the Tour De France with my 80 year old mom helps motivate me too!

I want to get back to my former glory, just for the joy of riding. Seeing the miles go by and going a little farther each time is a goal of mine. When I feel ready I will join a group ride or two, but for now it’s just me and the bike.

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