Centering place


The ocean, it has always drawn me. It is where I feel whole and centered, I feel close to God here maybe it’s because I feel so small when standing out in the water not knowing what swims below or what lies out in the depths. I feel small and grateful for all God has done and is doing in my life.

I sketched this the other day in Cambria while hanging out with my recently graduated from college daughter Alex. She like me finds strength and energy from the ocean; a water baby from birth. She needed to decompress and center as I did after a busy weekend. Great conversation and just the waves, the breeze and the spirit. It was a magical day one that I will cherish because I know the busyness of life will creep up and these trips will be harder to do… Needless to say I am immensely proud of my daughter; she finished her bachelors in 4 years and did it with hard work, grace and faith. She is truly a remarkable person, we are blessed as parents. I’m not sure what the future will look like but I will continue to trust in God to execute His plans according to His timing.

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