Pain in the neck!

Last June I became aware of a problem I had that was not going away, I had a crushed disk in my neck causing shooting pain down one side of my body! After consulting with my Dr. and by doing physical therapy, it became very clear that the only fix was surgery, disk replacement surgery! I had never had any real surgery before and of course I was concerned and a bit shaken. I was referred to a wonderful Dr. in Beverly Hill of all places. I had a few friends that had actually had him as their surgeon and had nothing but good things to say. Two friends actually had the same surgery I was going to have and after talking to them I felt reassured that it was going to be OK. Well the story is it took three trips to LA to finally have the surgery. One time I had taken medicine I wasn’t supposed to, second time I was in pre-op and my BP was too high and they kicked me out lol. “Third time is a charm,” they say? Needless to say this time the surgery went well and I didn’t remember a thing. It was an outpatient surgery so we went home the same day; that was rough even though I was medicated ,after we finally made it home, I felt as if I was beat up by an MMA fighter! Recovery went well and it’s been over a month and things aren’t perfect but getting better every day! In my next post I will talk about being off work for over a month, not what I expected…

(not my actual x-ray)

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