When the rain comes down…

Child Happy in the Rain (Credits:Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock)

After years of drought, it’s finally raining, weather forecasts call for an unprecedented solid week of rain, the parched Central Valley earth soaks all of it in. The water and the snow that it brings, brings hope, hope for the future. Sometimes our lives go through droughts too, emotional, financial, or spiritual there are many forms, we know it’s painful, parching, causing us despair, but, when the rain comes, there is relief, there is hope, there is a quenching for our souls.

This rain comes in many forms as well, sometimes it’s a mended relationship, a move to new city or a new job. However it manifests itself in your life drink it in, let it wash over you filling the dry places. Soak in the moment it begins and don’t dwell on when it might end. Live in those moments, live in joy and gratitude. For every season changes and if your bucket is full it can last and sustain you. Do those things that bring you joy and fulfillment, be with people who fill you not drain you. It’s your life and you can make sure your buckets are full. Be mindful of when they are getting low, what or who is draining you? Stop doing the things that drain you and do the things that fill you!

It might take a little while but it will be worth it! So hold on during the dry times, the rain is coming, it will be refreshing and wonderful.

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