New Beginnings


I sit here writing this getting ready to embark on a new journey, kind of surreal and kind of exciting. A bittersweet ending to half a decade of service to a company that I really enjoyed working for and aligned with their mission. I have worked with a lot of great people in those five years and learned so much about working with people. I have had four bosses in five years, yet I remained, dutiful and loyal. I consistently came to work early and worked as late as needed. I know I’m old school in my work ethic and this has sometimes caused me problems as other co-workers were of another era, in regards to work ethics!

This was my first time working for a non-profit, I never knew about the stress of renewing grants, the idea that we were working for the granter and not for the profits of the company, we did not sell anything, produce anything like a tangible product, we created programs, we produced information for the betterment of the community. No harsh deadlines, mostly, no finish on time or your fired(previous life). We worked in community with the people we were serving, this was very fulfilling and at times challenging. As this adventure ends a new one begins with a similar group of people at a different organization. The goals are similar, the mission seems familiar. My interaction with the staff so far has been great and validating.

I can’t wait to see what adventures this new season has in store for me? I feel like I have a blank canvas and can paint whatever I want, whatever feels right. I guess I’m living proof that it’s never too late to explore other paths and not feel stuck where you are at. I do thank my wife and family for always supporting me, even my prior co-workers who supported me. Wisdom from thought provokers like Dan Miller, Jonathan Fields, Jeff Sanders, Jon Acuf and more. Check these guys out at the links below! Best of luck to you, take a chance, make a change you deserve it! – Dan Miller – Jonathan Fields

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