The beauty of the morning…


Early mornings, are the best time of the day for me, house is quiet, no one is awake. Although sometimes hard to do, getting up early has so many benefits to help make you feel more productive. Just knowing you have a few hours of “me” time is exhilarating. I use the time for self care, growth and focus. I usually start by drinking a large glass of water to get hydrated to get the body awake, then some stretching. After this I usually do some kind of meditation 3-15mins, then I spend time reading a devotional to align my heart and spirit, pray then listen to inspirational music and/or podcasts. After this I look at emails, social media and maybe some sort of training videos. Mind you this is all before 6 am! Then coffee, breakfast and planning my day.

Next is feeding the dogs, watering plants and getting myself ready for work. Since school has started I get to wake up my son and have him get ready. It’s great because I am not stressed or rushing, I’m ready for whatever the day may have for me! So I would encourage anyone to try starting your day at 5am with intention and have some sort of plan that can develop into a habit, you will be amazed at how this makes you feel and how much more you can get done!


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  1. I totally agree, I found The Miracle Morning first and then the 5 am miracle. I can only echo everything you said.

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