Another FPU Sunbird in the family!


Last night we got to experience our second daughter’s opening ceremonies as a new student at Fresno Pacific University. It was a proud moment for me and my wife, knowing that she made a good decision in picking FPU. Being the daughter who could not make up her mind which school to go to, she was accepted into 4 Universities and just couldn’t decide. She even went to the local Community College for a day before deciding she wanted to go to FPU! This is a major breakthrough for her and we are so pleased. We know she will thrive at this school and she has her big sister there to show her “the ropes”!

After speeches by students, parents and faculty we were treated to a nice dinner on the lawn, followed by a time of worship and a sermon by the school pastor Angulus Wilson. I felt comforted and confident that my daughter is where she is supposed to be and that this will be a transforming time for her! Two down one to go…

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