Rio Olympics 2016


Man I’m so sad when the Olympics end, even amid the controversies it’s still the greatest show on earth. Where else can you see all of the world’s best athletes come together and compete at this level, where else can you see world records shattered? I will admit that I watched almost every night, I looked forward to it! Seeing Michael Phelps crushing it at his age or Simone Biles winning multiple golds! Seeing the older athletes still win GOLD was amazing, some for the last time as they announced their retirement…It makes me proud to be an American and in some small way share the victories with our athletes or defeats, it brought us together for a few short weeks, not focusing on terrorism or elections but just the purity of sport and competition, so I thank you Olympics for changing our collective focus, even for a little while.




US Medals: GOLD 46 Silver 37 Bronze 38
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