5AM Miracles


I started listening to Jeff Sanders 5 am Miracle Podcast and it’s slowly changing how I view my mornings. You can check him out here: https://www.jeffsanders.com. The idea of having a few extra hours in a day just for me is fantastic. If you follow Jeff’s steps it’s pretty easy, for me the trick is to get to bed early enough the night before so that getting up at 5am is not such a killer. During my time I focus on my self wellness, I meditate, read a bible devotional and listen to podcasts like Jeff Sanders and Dan Miller’s 48 Days and exercise. These really help to motivate me and help me be productive. I was surprised that I was not dead tired when I came home from work after having a 5am miracle. In fact I seemed to have more energy. So I can recommend trying the 5am Miracle program and make it work for you!

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