Help I’m Irrelevant?


So what do you do when you feel irrelevant? As you get older it’s easy to feel this way, jobs seem to go to the younger “hipper” people, our experience seems irrelevant. Our skills are “old school”, the new digital age seems to have passed you by…I’m finding that I have to fight those feelings and realize as an older person I have lots to offer, more perspective, more experience etc…So what do you do? I’m reinventing myself by studying the new digital frontier, be the top of your game, study your field of expertise, become the expert! With the wealth of online training available both free, and not free, there is no reason you can’t learn more to become more competitive. Whatever you are passionate about there is an online course, podcast, pdf for you. We can not sit still and bide our time, because while you are idle people are passing you by! Just a few hours a week could make all the difference in the world. I’m becoming a huge fan of podcasts, tons of great ones out there, a personal favorites of mine is Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work You Love, and Jeff Sander’s 5AM Miracle podcast. Be inspired, be moved to a better place where you don’t feel irrelevant!

Respond back with how you are becoming more relevant, at work, at home, at church wherever you are!

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