2016 New Year, New Challenges


It’s 2016, it started not with a “bang” but with a “fizzle”. As I face this New Year I must decide what to do with it. There’s a window for another year; go back and get my Masters? Change jobs? Join a cooking club? Many options but reality will dictate what happens next. I will strive to better myself and those around me, it won’t be easy but I must try. I don’t want to be complacent or unadventurous, been there, done that! It’s like walking in knee deep mud, slow but steady, tiresome but doable. Just got to keep moving forward, I think that will be my motto this year, “Just keep moving forward.”


1 thought on “2016 New Year, New Challenges

  1. Hey brother, I saw your post and wanted to challenge and encourage you. To be candid, it sounds a bit depressing. “It won’t be easy, but I must try”, “Tiresome but doable”, “slow and steady”. Finally, “Just keep moving forward” can be good if we have something exciting and challenging that we are moving toward, but we can also be in a rut and still moving forward within the rut. Challenge yourself brother! Pick one goal that fires you up and work toward accomplishing it. When you reach that one, pick one or two more. Look up and look ahead as you keep moving forward!

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