“Get back on!”

child riding bikeRemember when you were a kid and you learned how to ride a bike? Remember when you crashed, what did your parents tell you? “Get back on and start pedaling!” The art of “getting back on” seems to get harder with age. Maybe because when we were young we didn’t know better. As we got older we knew enough to not want to feel that pain again?

Children are resilient, they bounce back from a fall, as we age we don’t bounce, we go thud and find it harder to get back up. Honestly sometimes it’s easier to just stay down, become friends with the ground and the pain. I know we can’t stay down forever but it does take time to get back up now. Fall enough and you develop a fear of falling, and you don’t want to try again, the memories sometimes are too painful. And who is there telling us to get back up anymore? If you are lucky you will have a good spouse who is always there for you or a trusted friend. They can lessen the pain and help you “get back on”. If you don’t have these supports then its a matter of your own inner strength, hopefully you can see the value of “getting back on” and feel the thrill, the fun of the ride, like when we were kids. Try not to let fear run your life, you can overcome anything life throws at you, have faith even when it’s hard. You will feel the wind in your hair again and all that freedom that comes with it!

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