Feel the Wind


“I’m ready to drop everything for the wind again, to leave a mess, to walk away from the plan for the day—for the year, for my life, maybe, in order to feel the wind again.” – Niequest

I read a blog today that reached deep into my soul and touched me. Like the author I used to do some sailing on a little boat called a Thistle, it was fun and exciting; if there was wind! Otherwise we floated around the lake chasing little puffs of wind. But never the less it was always a soul freeing experience.

I’m realizing in my maturing years I find that I’m yearning for something more than my mundane, republication, safe, working, tax paying, unfulfilled life. I can feel that the wind is blowing, but I’m not on the water, I’m at work, or running kids back and forth, cleaning the house, paying bills, mowing the lawn, trying to keep busy. Although these are by no means bad things, they are just the mundane things we do-called life. But not the life of hoisting sails, hiking out on a rail or flying the spinnaker. I yearn for the wind, I’m tired of feeling trapped on the land of despair and the mundane, there’s got to be more, doesn’t there? I feel the need to reinvent myself, to become a sailor again, a surfer, an artist, someone who matters doing something that matters…

Sometimes letting go is hard, but often it’s the only way to feel the wind…What can I or will I let go of to feel the wind again? I don’t have any answers, but I’m waiting to feel even the slightest breeze to fill my sails and my heart to start me on a new journey.

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