coworkerCo-workers, we all have them. Some are fortunate to have cool ones others not so cool. Some seem just plain crazy and we wonder how they got the job? Most luckily are just like us working to make ends meet doing something they hopefully find fulfilling. In every job there are those that seem to always have to protect their little empires. They don’t share or play nice with everyone. Their projects are the only ones that matter, so they never have the time to help you with yours!

Then there is the “Golden Child” who can do no wrong in the bosses eyes even when we see different. I guess that’s what makes work fun? All the different dynamics and personalities. The trick to being successful in the workplace is to try to get along with everyone no matter how annoying they might be. Being good at your job is also important, so try to be the best you can with whatever you do. Stay up with your training and certifications if applicable. Follow your companies Employee handbook/policies to stay out of trouble, sometimes just knowing what they expect of you puts you ahead of many of your co-workers.

If certain co-workers are just unbearable go through the proper channels to rectify the situation and if that doesn’t work hit the classifieds and see what else is out there, life’s too short to be stuck in a bad job!

Good Luck

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