Be Inspired

I love how a new year creates a feeling of a clean slate, a blank canvas, a fresh start. It’s a time to wipe away the missed resolutions and missed opportunities of the past year and reset the sights on new goals and hopes for the coming year. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the speaker was talking about how he moved his family cross-country to Colorado because he craved and needed the daily inspiration of the beautiful and majestic Rocky Mountains around him to stay motivated and to keep from being pulled into negativity by the daily stresses and news of other world events all around us. It occurred to me that inspiration produces motivation which, in turn, produces action. Does that sound right? For example, when I see the Sierras after a couple of days of rain, and they look close enough to touch, I’m inspired and motivated to praise God for his creation. When I watch movies like Rocky or Rudy, I’m inspired and motivated to set goals and believe that I can accomplish them. What inspires you? Maybe it’s Scripture or stories from books like Chicken Soup For The Soul. Maybe it’s a specific movie or song. Maybe it’s certain images or watching people performing certain deeds. I’d like to hear from you. Inspire me.

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