Why do we feel isolated? I’m not sure why it feels like we have to initiate everything when it comes to friendships even family? Is it that we are all so busy in our little bubbles that we don’t reach out? Why isn’t my phone ringing? How come I don’t have any new emails or texts from them? We just seem to be as my friend stated the other day, “complacent”. I see complacency the same as apathy. They both involve inactivity, doing nothing, not putting forth an effort, laziness or just not really caring? It seems to have gotten worse over the years. It’s seems easier to do nothing rather than initiate, create, involve, reach stretch…

When I look deep inside myself I can see that despite the way I feel, I’m probably the one that feels isolated because I’m complacent, I’m not reaching out. I sit here thinking why haven’t they called, why haven’t they emailed me??? In reality those people are probably sitting home wondering the same exact thing! Complacency, Apathy these are friendship killers. They say “love is a verb”, I say friendship is a verb also. It takes effort on both parties, if you want a good friend you have to be a good friend. It is a two-way street, It takes work and determination.

If we all made a goal to not be complacent anymore, to seek rather than retreat ,life will be more full and rich and less boring. Those times when you feel like you should call that friend, or are curious about one of your friends, act upon that feeling, call them, text them, FB them do something because you might be the very thing they need to brighten their day to make them feel less isolated.

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