Speaking the truth

I came across a book in my library the other day that was as refreshing to reread now as it was when I first read it several years ago. It’s called “Telling Yourself The Truth” and the title says it all. I have been mired in discouragement, frustration, and flat-out hopelessness about certain situations in my life and as I opened up this book again, I realized that a lot of my negative thinking was a result of my own self-talk. In other words, the things I have been saying to myself about my situations. Things like “I’m stuck” and “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” and “Things will never change and I’ll end up like (fill in the blank)” and so on and so forth. I compare myself to others’ situations or circumstances and think they’re better off, not realizing that everyone has challenges and problems and I shouldn’t be comparing to just the external facade that I see when, behind the scenes, they could be in circumstances far worse than me. The authors’ main point is a twist on the cliche of “It’s not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.” Their version is “It’s not what happens to you, but what/how you think about what happens to you, what you tell yourself about what happens to you, that matters.” Something like this: “I don’t like when (fill in the blank) happens at work. It’s unpleasant, but I can handle it and I will survive. I am talented and have skills and I have other employment choices I can make.” Another example: “My situation is not hopeless and I am not hopeless. I have hope because God loves me and has promised to provide for me. He has promised not to forsake me. He has promised that all things work together for my benefit. He loved me so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins.”

And so I am actively listening to myself and the things I am saying to myself to identify the untruths and misbeliefs I am saying, and instead, replacing them with the kinds of statements above. I’m tired of listening to the lies that Satan is filling my head with. I’m tired of being defeated and afraid. I want to live fulfilled and on purpose, the way God intended.

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