Being NOT Unemployed – Part2

So I’m finishing my third week at my new job, last week they sent me and some coworkers to Denver for a conference and that was fun and very interesting, had a great time. This week there was lots of change, my boss-the woman who hired me and who is awesome resigned from the organization, took me a bit by surprise. Our main director (big boss) has been out on maternity leave, so I have never met her….I’m a bit nervous about all these transitions, but hey, at least I’m not sitting at home being bored or depressed!

It’s a totally different vibe working for a non-profit, things move differently and at weird paces…hard to explain? But I do feel like I’m part of something important and meaningful. Which is way different than working in the for-profit sector. There seems to be less stress, because we don’t need to make money in the traditional sense…we do have goals and milestones to meet but there is less pressure. Still trying to figure out my exact role in the organization which is fun. There are new opportunities and new skills to learn, that makes it exciting and fresh! We’ll see how long that lasts LOL! My next big project is to help coordinate and build a marketing campaign for our very first GONA(Gathering of Native Americans)! I will get to design a logo and branding for the event as well as collateral materials like posters and t-shirts. I’m also in charge of the website, Facebook, and twitter! It should be a fun ride, stay tuned for more on my new adventure.



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