Being NOT Unemployed – Part1

Patience and faith has paid off , for me one journey is ending and a new journey begins! I was offered a position with a local health organization working with Native American people!. This was the position that was teaching me how to wait and be patient. Funny how during one point in the waiting process I figured that I wasn’t going to get the position. But after an email and a phone call my hope was rekindled. And just this last week they made me an offer. What a blessing and a relief!

My new title is quite long, and unlike any I’ve ever had… So here it is:

Social Media Coordinator and Evaluation Assistant, whew how do I fit that on a business card? It’s going to be great to feel productive again, to actually do something that someone feels is valuable and worthwhile. Hope I can adapt to being in the workplace again after 9 months of being unemployed. I couldn’t have made it without the support and love of my wife and family. The prayers and support of good friends helped as well. Knowing that I had a support system of prayer and good friends sending me jobs leads really bolstered my faith and perseverance. The Bible says, “there is a peace that surpasses all understanding”, I felt that peace many times on my journey and I know it will be with me on my new journey. So thank you Jesus, my family and friends!



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