Photo by thespanishtacoWhy does life sometimes give us bitter pills to swallow? Why does it seem like when you are doing good in one area, you are handed a bitter pill in another area? Is this Karma? Ying and Yang? What was God thinking? It sucks whenever you have to swallow that bitter pill,  sometimes there is also a sweet side or sweet pill to swallow. This is a good thing because those bitter pills are hard to swallow at times. No one I know likes the bitter pills, and some people seem to have more than their fair share of bitter pills to swallow.

I remember as a kid having to take some really horrible cough syrup, it was terrible, but I remember my mom giving me juice to help wash down the bitterness, I think God does this for us, like the rainbow after the flood, the appearing dove, He doesn’t like to see us suffer. Sometimes it might be a verse that comes to mind, a friends caring email, or your child’s warm embrace. It always comes when most needed, in our darkest hour, at our lowest points. Look for the comfort, the sweet pill that God provides, in whatever form that is for you. Maybe you can be that comfort for someone you know that is swallowing a bitter pill in their life!

Look for opportunities to be the “sweet pill”.


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