Being Unemployed – Part 6

There is one thing I seem to be learning during this time, I’m learning how to wait, and I guess patience goes with that? I can be honest and tell you that waiting is not really “my thing”. I can have patience for certain things or situations, but mostly I hate waiting for things especially if I know something is going to happen or like waiting for a package, I will track that package every day and follow it’s trail from start to finish, and boy it’s upsetting when it is delivered beyond the date that was stated!@#! But then once in a while you see that a package has another two days to get to you and it shows up early! Now that’s the kind moments I think we all enjoy. This doesn’t happen often but it is nice.

In my season of waiting the hard thing to learn is that most of these job situations are completely out of my hands. I can only do what I can do…That’s the part that I think I’m finally getting, I’m not stressing out as much while waiting for that call back or rejection letter. I’m feeling God’s peace and provision in my life and I can’t explain it, I can only rest in it. I have to rely on Him and it’s OK in fact it’s Great! We try to own our lives and control everything but the truth is we can’t. I’m looking forward to what is going to happen next, not stressing about what is going to happen. It takes a lot of pressure off when you do this.

So I guess waiting is my “thing”…



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