Being Unemployed – Part 5

Ok, so my last post seemed full of despair, but this post is full of Hope! Because I have a job interview this week! Of course I’m nervous and excited. But nonetheless I am grateful that an organization wants to meet me, look at my work and possibly hire me!

And better yet it is for an organization that I feel really good about and would get a lot of satisfaction working at. As it has to do with helping people, with an emphasis on youth programs, health and the elderly.

So as I prepare, figure out what to wear, touchup the portfolio and pray a ton, I’m really Hopeful that I at least have an interview and a chance to be employed once again. Will let you know what happens in a later post!



1 thought on “Being Unemployed – Part 5

  1. Mike

    This prospective company is lucky to have the chance to interview you. They have been missing out on all you have to offer them. Have confidence and faith and go nail it. “for everything created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.” 1 Timothy 4.4. Remember God created you!


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