In church yesterday, the pastor was preaching out of 1 Timothy 6:6-10. He said contentment is an appetite. If we keep feeding it, it will grow. In the same way, discontentment is an appetite. I can see that in my life. When I focus on being content, it’s easy to sustain it. Likewise, when I allow myself to get wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself for things that I don’t have or wish I had, discontentment grows. He then went on to vv.17-19 and said that “generosity bridles discontentment.” In the same way that a bridle and bit can control a wild horse, generosity can control wild discontentment. How is this possible? I assume it’s because it would be difficult to be generous to someone who has more than us. Not impossible–just difficult. Therefore, being generous with our time, resources and/or talents would most likely be to someone who is less fortunate? (I’m just thinking out loud as I am processing this.) And therefore, being generous forces us to take our eyes off ourselves and opens them to those around us who need more than us, i.e. the time/resources/talents that God has entrusted to us to share with said recipients of our generosity?  


— Brian out


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  1. Well said.

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