Resolutions or just a Word?

As I said previously I’m not a resolutions type person, but I heard something today that made sense to me, instead of making resolutions that usually end in failure and guilt why not pick a word that will be your word for the year? Let me explain, this word is a word that resonates with you at some deeper level of your core, a word that represents something you can meditate on, a word that will help guide you when faced with decisions both big and small. My word as mentioned in my previous post in “Intentional“.

Definition of INTENTIONAL
1: done by intention or design : intended

So as I face this New Year I will try to be “Intentional” in my faith, in setting aside time for wife and children, in pursuing my craft, and when faced with decisions I will ask myself, “what is my intention” for this or that. I want to be “Intentional” with my friendships not just wait for a call, but to make the call. Intention has a premeditation it is not passive, but an action, a process, not that I will forsake spontaneity because sometimes you just need to leap’ but with most things being “Intentional“, hopefully this will help me make good decisions and good choices.

So as you start 2012 find your “word’ or phrase that will help guide you in the coming year.



1 thought on “Resolutions or just a Word?

  1. I like this concept, Mike. I actually incorporated this last year when I made the word “discipline” my theme for the year. I’m still trying to crystallize what I want my theme word to be for this year. Thanks for sharing.

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