Christmas Miracle…

I experienced the other day what I’m calling a Christmas Miracle, while at the mall with Alex and Luke. We were at Powell’s Candy shop, the kids had a few bucks to spend and wanted to go there, Luke got what he wanted so we went out and sat on the bench outside the store, Alex was still looking around. Luke needed help opening a Joy Buzzer he bought so I had set down my phone to help him open it. I showed him how to use the Joy Buzzer and we laughed, just then Alex came out and we left to go over to the mall…While in the mall not even 15 minutes later I had that horrible feeling, my phone was not in my pocket! In a slight panic I ran out to my car figuring I left it in the console. To my fright it was not there! I then realized that I left it on the bench by Powell’s! I ran to  the bench and … no dice nothing there, I ran into the shop and no one had turned in my phone…my heart sank I knew someone had picked it up off the bench.

My next thought was to run over to the AT&T store to track my phone, lock it and delete my data! The nice lady at the AT&T shop called my phone to see if someone might answer and be nice enough to bring it back…I was thinking “yeah right”, but someone did answer – it was the mall security office, someone turned in my phone!!! I couldn’t believe it! I thanked the lady several times and walked to the mall security office to collect my phone! After signing for it I told the security guy ‘Merry Christmas” and thank you!!! And Thank you Jesus! What a relief.

I was so sure that no one would turn in my iPhone, that it was long gone. I couldn’t really afford a new phone, not now, so near Christmas, I thought of Jeremiah 29:11. God looks after those He loves. It was a “Miracle”to me…there are still honest people out there. Thank you, whoever you are that turned in my phone.


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