Dealing With Being Unemployed Part1.

Here it is over five months since I’ve been laid off from a job I loved. I’m struggling with identity and self-worth. Some days are better than others, but I’m a true believer in work. It gives you a sense of purpose a place to apply your skills abilities and gifts. A way to provide for your family, earn a living…as a designer I created things for clients a conduit for my creative nature, I felt like I was contributing to the world.

As I go on this journey I’m discovering things about myself and about my God. So far He has provided all of our needs, we have a home, food in the fridge, cars that work, good health, phones, electricity is still on and so on. So many things I used to assume was me because I worked hard and brought “Home the bacon”. Even then it was God who gifted me with my talents to earn an income, it was Him who orchestrated the job I had. I know one is not to just sit on your butt and hope a good job appears, it’s hard and stressful looking for work. It’s demoralizing too when you get rejected.

I’m learning patience, and to lean on Him for my daily needs. I know the right job is around the corner and when the time is right it will be revealed. So for all who are in a similar position, don’t give up-God hasn’t given up on you!

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